Great tastes to cool off

Natakhtari lemonade products provide having a good day with your family and friends at the end of a tough day. Natakhtari lemonade accompanies you in sports, picnics, shopping and dinner during the day, .

About us

enjoy life with natakhtari lemonade products

The main goal of Aquajuice company is exporting the lemonades produced by Georgia’s leading lemonade producer Natakhtari (JSC Lomisi) to the world market.Our first goal is to deliver Natakhtari lemonade products to the Siberian region.It acts with the awareness of fulfilling this responsibility with its wide distribution network and specialized logistics staff in the Siberia region.It has proven itself with its sufficient equipment and infrastructure that can meet high demands. The company develops its principles according to customer sensitivities.

Our Mission

Delivering Natakhtari lemonade products to our customers in Siberia fastly and safely that meeting the needs of our customers on time and thus gaining their satisfaction.


To ensure that the orders from our customers arrive on time in a planned and coordinated manner


To provide measures to meet food safety and food standards regarding our products


To follow product supplies and to research with an innovative understanding and to meet new products with customers on time.


All of our products provide 100% customer satisfaction with their high quality and natural ingredients.

NATAKHTARI lemonade in every moment of life

Within your sports programs

Compensate your body’s loss of water and minerals with NATAKTARI lemonade during and after intense sports.


Natakhtari lemonade with you whenever you need coolness

Cool off with NATAKTARI lemonade from nature whenever you need coolness while having a picnic or camping with your family.

Indispensable drink of evening meals

Your tables will be enriched with Nataktari lemonade, the indispensable drink of dinner with your guests or your family.

Natakhtari lemonade is with us with all our moments


In order to gain superiority in this competitive environment, we always provide the highest quality service to our customers with our expert staff and work with a team work in line with the wishes of our customers.

time based

While we are trying to deliver Natakhtari lemonade products to our customers, we are striving to make time-oriented fast and effective work as a principle in order to keep up with the fast life flow brought by developing technology and technology.

product standard

Work has begun on the rapid implementation of standardization studies, which include quality and food safety management system and occupational health and safety assessment standards in production standards.


Our company guarantees to resolve the demands and requests of our customers regarding our products and services as soon as possible. It is a principle to always stand by them in support requests regarding our products.